Why Batco

BATCO is specialized in the fields of construction and technical support services for fixed and wireless telecommunication networks, with special and extensive experience in rendering acquisition, design, construction & maintenance services in support of GSM networks. The company has developed over the years to become a true leader in said fields.


Over twelve years of experience in the fields of
acquisition, construction and maintenance of
telecom networks during which we have been
acting as a prime turnkey contractor to the most
distinguished GSM operators in the Middle East.

Supplying materials to different operators, added
to our knowledge of the market resulted in an
experienced procurement staff highly versed in
communications related materials fully complying
with international standards at competitive prices.



Capable of rendering a wide range of services including all wireless &
Transmission networks related services ranging from site acquisition
to design, construction, maintenance, refurbishments and enhancements..

Maintaining outstanding operational stability with most operators at Saudi
Arabia proves BATCO’s exceptional capabilities in the field of maintenance.

Our operations are being backed up by materials, tools & equipmentwarehouses
monitored by a special balanced & computerized inventory control system.


Success in providing construction and maintenance services to “Saudi Telecom
Company”; the first operator in Saudi Arabia; had enabled us to expand our area of
activities to include other operators in addition to enter a new era of fixed networks
support services as well.