In-Building Solutions

From Burj Dubai to 21st century Tower to King Abdul Aziz Endowment Makkah, Saudi Arabia, our experience as a leader in the indoor solutions in is extended across KSA and UAE.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of in-building and outdoor solutions such as repeaters, antennas, digital microwave systems, and related radio frequency passive accessories engineered to exacting standards in reliability and durability in order to maximize the operational efficiency of mobile networks at low operating costs. We use high quality products that are available for all bandwidths and mobile standards including GSM and CDMA as well as 3G and next generation network systems.

BATCO offers a wide range of in-building coverage solutions for all types of structure. Here are some of the more common locations in which improved wireless signal is critical for data and voice services

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Plants
  • Government facilities
  • College campuses
  • Buildings under construction (temporary services)
  • Tunnels, Train or bus stations

  • We use different types of systems:

  • Single/Multi frequency bands and systems
  • Single/Multi operators
  • Passive/Hybrid architecture

    BATCO has proven the value of our surveying, engineering and installation capabilities with dozens of projects. We welcome the chance to help with your next wireless coverage project.