Telecom Solutions

From BACTO's early days, we had provided all telecom services and telecom supporting operations and tasks, how ever our specializes in following telecom services:

BATCO Group offers complete turnkey solutions, for wireless, fiber optics (outside plant construction and engineering) as well as voice and video packages to make your solutions complete. We provide services for wireless networks (GSM & IBS), government solutions, telephone company central offices and integrated technologies. Our customer driven solutions and nationwide footprint distinguish BATCO from others, along with our reputation for delivering rapid-response services and integrated solutions for almost any need. At BATCO, we have a dedicated team of professionals with great experience and expertise providing the best proven telecom solutions to fulfill your requirements. Our telecom solutions have been tailored to fulfill the protocols and established methods of the telecommunications industry as well as local codes. We have built our reputation of an expert telecom solutions provider by assisting an impressive list of diversified customers. Our project managers and engineers are familiar with the requirements of our clients and their needs, and lead the technical staff in the deployment of their systems within specified timetables and budget requirements. We take great pride that the solutions offered make technical and economic sense. By using our services your project will be successful. So, if you have a GSM, IBS, OSP or any telecom project and you are seeking the most reliable full turnkey partner, just give a call to us and our professionals will be there assisting you and providing solutions.


Outsourcing operation and maintenance of solutions is becoming increasingly popular; BATCO is geared towards the ever-changing markets and is currently offering a wide range of Managed Services solutions to its clients. Some of our services we offer include:

  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Radio Network Optimization
  • Network Planning
  • Drive Testing
  • Rigging
  • NOC Support
  • Clean up activities
  • Site Audit
  • Post Processing & Analysis
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse
  • T&H
  • Equipments & Tools Leasing
  • E2E





Preventive maintenance: A proactive maintenance Work for parts of the network to realize the faults before they occur in order to improve the form of network.

Reactivate cabinet: replace the old steel cabinets or part thereof which do not serve the New techniques in the new FTTH .

Normal maintenance : fix the emergency site when the disconnected service


  • Installing F.O.C in manholes, direct buried and overhead cables.
  • Providing customers with technical conclusion in planning, supervising and carrying out F.O projects (private section only).
  • Implementation and configuration of high rate digital subscriber line modems (HDSL & ASDL).
  • Implementation of line terminals for PDH, SDH and the optical line terminal units.
  • Installing and joining the F.O.C for the computer networking including; planning for compass backbone, inside building and horizontal cabling.
  • Testing and commissioning the cabling system using OTDR and Omni scanner for both types of Cables.


  • Site survey
  • Trenching in rock & sand
  • Directional drilling
  • Manholes and conduit construction
  • Excavation and preparation of trenches for laying pipelines or ducts
  • Hand holes and Manholes casting in situ
  • Pre-Cast Manholes/ Hand holes installation
  • Concrete foundations construction
  • Asphalt cutting and reinstatement
  • Tiled footways breaking and reinstating
  • Installation of Pedestal Interfaces / Pedestal Guards


  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Indoor installation
  • Directional drilling
  • Underground installation of cable
  • Aerial installation
  • Fusion splicing , single, mass.& Ribbon (mobile and aerial)
  • Mechanical Splicing.
  • termination and cross connection
  • Testing & Repair
  • Inside/ outside plant cable troubleshooting
  • Emergency fiber splicing
  • Temporary / permanent fault restoration
  • System maintenance
  • Testing System Design Fiber optic cable installation by mole plough




Supply of Telecom, OSP/IBS and IT materials

  • BTS antennas for GSM 900, 1800, UMTS and LTE
  • Active and passive products needed for providing full turnkey IBS projects including GSM 900, 1800, UMTS and LTE
  • Telecom Shelters
  • VHF/UHF & TETRA equipment
  • RFiber Optic Active & Passive Components, Accessories and Splicing & Testing Tools
  • Cables (Fiber Optics and Copper)
  • OSP Materials/Fiber Connectivity Products (FTTH)
  • Supply of (Outlets,Structural Cabling,Switches,Patch Panels and Etc) of Fire Alarm System (Detectors, FACP Panels, Wire & etc), Paging System,CCTV, IP Cameras & Communication System.
  • SIM Cards


From BACTO's early days, we had provided all telecom services and telecom supporting operations and tasks, the typical services rang from: